About Us

Type2Resto evolved from a lifelong interest in, and respect for all things old and unique. I can’t recall ever seeing an abandoned car along the roadside that didn’t catch my attention.

Initially, we operated a family business focused on restoring – rather than remodeling vintage homes in the Pacific Northwest where many of the skills we currently use in vehicle restoration were honed.

Following a move to Arizona and the purchase of my 5th VW Bug, our focus shifted to restoring Volkswagens. With the fellowship, support & considerable knowledge of the strong VW community here in Arizona, Bug #6 and #7 soon followed, and additional skills developed in bringing these classics back to their original condition.

It was only natural for our interest in Beetles to progress to an equally passionate interest in buses. Following a bus restoration with a fellow club member, we were hooked. We’re still focuesed on restoration and make every effort to utilize all factory features possible in every one of our projects.

We will continue to post photos of our work, past and present, bugs and buses, and one day your VW may become our featured “Resto”.


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