Thilo is my bus. When I bought it, it was basically gutted. The interior was simply an improvised z-bed and a small piece of ratty old carpet. That was all.

I asked Type 2 Resto if they could help out with an interior rebuild. Together, we sourced a complete interior. The cabinets that I was able to purchase still had the original finish on them, and really did not appear to be salvageable to me.

As you can see from the photos, T2R was able to work wonders with the raw materials, and give all of my ratty interior a new lease on life!

Just FYI, anything you see in the photos that is not complete was by my request. Everything else was done and done!

My family and I have had hundreds of hours of enjoyment out of our Westy since it’s been re-done. We’ve been over-night camping repeatedly, and I could not be more pleased with the results!

Tucson, AZ


IMG_0428-Medium” Everyone who looks at the bus loves the wood, we tell them were they came from, and that we are pleased. ” From Walt in Southern California

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